Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 280: A break, of sorts.

Day 280 (12 Sept) Thursday. A break, but not as you know it.

Skyward, at 6.12am
We can't get away from comparing the early dawn pics. A few on twitter sharing around the views from their backyards. Mine at 6.12am. It is getting lighter, faster. 

End of the day, end of the week,
at 6.12pm
The day at work was...a day at work. At 6.12pm, back in the office, teaching just having finished. Next week is the semester break. So that means putting the notes away for a week or so. But not a rest from work. I've got a conference coming up (in Perth) and the National Council for the union in a couple of weeks. That's more preparation for different things ahead. An academic's work is never done. 

Day 279: More work

Day 279 (11 Sept) Wednesday. Less play.

Bonsai, at 6.12am
Well into the semester grind now. Japanese class first up then talking about East Asian security in the afternoon and into the evening. As you do. Watering the bonsai at 6.12am as well as taking in the early light of the 6.12am time of day. Nice after all the darker starts and summer is on its way. 

Dawn, at 6.12am
I've very much become acclimatised to the dawn side of the day. Very pleasant time. 

At 6.12pm, still in a tute, as we work through the John Dower text on war. I think it is proving to be an interesting and challenging text, as it should be. 

Tutoring at 6.12pm
   Back in the office, and I note with a wry smile that an email has arrived, from twitter, with recommendations to follow ABC 6.12pm! But of course. 

Thanks twitter...

Day 278: Promising

Day 278 (10 Sept) Tuesday. New shoots?

New shoots? at 6.12am
The bonsai has featured here once or twice. During its winter spell, I dared trim the branches as was required, with much trepidation. I'm no gardener but I followed instructions instincts. I worried as it lay dormant all winter but it appears I may now be reaping rewards. It does appear there are two new shoots here...let's keep our fingers crossed. 

On the phone, at 6.12pm
And if it is Tuesday...I must be in my office after a day of classes and one-on-one supervision of students doing advanced research projects. Two days of lecturing and tutes ahead...time to wrap up the preparation of those classes. I appear to have been on the phone right at or time, multitasking as we say in the classics. I was listening to the convo, really. 

On to home, rinse, repeat. 

Day 277: Life goes on...

Day 277 (9 Sept) Monday. The work continues.

Breakfast, at 6.12am
Despite the result over the weekend, nothing much changes with the daily routine. It's off to work, breakfast at 6.00am, classes as usual. My cafe parliament mug is my favourite, a reminder of my time working in the Senate many years ago, but on a day like today, well of course one drinks from the cup of parliament...

in traffic, at lights, stopped,
at 6.12pm
An uneventful drive up the coast was complemented with an uneventful one home in time for orchestra rehearsal, it being a Monday and all. Nice to have that to look forward to, at the end of the day.

Day 276: A new era, wishing upon a star.

Day 276 (8 Sept) Sunday. New era.

Reading and listening,
at 6.12am
With a change of government comes all sorts of thoughts. At 6.12 this morning, that included reading...trying to think about the results and listening to commentators on the radio talking about the results. 

I'm a bit of an election paraphernalia hoarder at the best of times but this one was quite interesting for me given I live in the electorate of the now former prime minister. I sense this won't be the end of it for us good burghers of Griffith. Knowing Mr Rudd, a further stint in opposition will be out of the question and I expect another run at the polls within months. 

The end of the day,
at 6.12pm
By the evening, I continued to be enchanted upon the evening star, just like yesterday. Except, today in the new era, different. 

Through the letterbox, darkly