Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 92: A long day's night

Day 92 (7 Mar) And yes, it is a few days after the event. Ended up getting home so late from work that ABC Overnights had started before I arrived home, just. I think I have mentioned previously that I rely on the radio in the background to mark out my day...612 at 6.12, for example, Phillip Adams at 10.00pm, Tony Delroy's Nightlife with Johanna from Redcliffe and Ann from Caulfield after that. The weekends have their own rhythm too. But I think arriving home from work, to Overnights, is a first.

So the posts have been a couple of days in the making. 

Thursday, in the new semester order, is a long day. Teaching finishes at 9pm. It's back to my office to finish off my work, greet the cleaners (we're on a first name basis now) and prepare for the next class. Now that I work in Brisbane on Monday, I have to be sure all is in order before I leave on Thursday, in case I don't travel up on Friday (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, no classes). 

A slightly different light,
at 6.12am
I'm becoming intrigued by the changing light at 6.12am. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the intrigues for me in photography is the light...and whether I can capture it. This pic is in fact the usual breakfast table but I just looked back over my shoulder, outside to where the sun was just coming up over the trees. It has thrown an interesting light through the house. 

At work, I generally park the car in a distant car park in order to get some exercise in. It's about a 10 min walk to my office from this particular spot and one I quite enjoy. It takes us through our sporting fields. With a 9.00pm finish though, I prefer to bring the car a little closer to my building so the plan is to set off between classes to retrieve the car. 

Just passing, at 5.12ish
In the many years I've travelled to and from and lived in Japan, I've often had to explain to people that no, kangaroos don't hop down the main street of Brisbane (mostly) nor do koalas live in people's backyards, like pets. Of course, now I work on a campus that is also home to two grand mobs of reds and greys, and they are part of the place. They're not tame by any means but it is fair to say they're reasonably relaxed around us. This one certainly wasn't too troubled as I walked past on my way to the car. It was just after 5.12, so it is 6.12-ish daylight saving time I guess. Too good to leave out though. 

There's a photo, and photographer
here, at 6.12pm
Back in the office at 6.12pm and I'm back at work, uploading some of the worksheets we did in the afternoon Japanese class. It's kanji, the characters that for me, are one of the main attractions of the language. How a few strokes of a pen can represent so much. It can be one of the toughest parts of the job because people bring such different experiences to the class when it comes to reading Japanese. Nonetheless, I do what I can to demonstrate the marvels of the language. 

Meanwhile, classes finished, I got home after 1.00am (Friday) and I had to be up early again for a 612ABC foyer broadcast...not a lot of time to be up and at it again for the Breakfast show...about which, more in day 93's post...

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