Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 276: A new era, wishing upon a star.

Day 276 (8 Sept) Sunday. New era.

Reading and listening,
at 6.12am
With a change of government comes all sorts of thoughts. At 6.12 this morning, that included reading...trying to think about the results and listening to commentators on the radio talking about the results. 

I'm a bit of an election paraphernalia hoarder at the best of times but this one was quite interesting for me given I live in the electorate of the now former prime minister. I sense this won't be the end of it for us good burghers of Griffith. Knowing Mr Rudd, a further stint in opposition will be out of the question and I expect another run at the polls within months. 

The end of the day,
at 6.12pm
By the evening, I continued to be enchanted upon the evening star, just like yesterday. Except, today in the new era, different. 

Through the letterbox, darkly

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