Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 120: The passing seasons...

Sakura, in Japan, a 6.12 diversion
Photo by Jinko Hashimoto/ 写真提供:橋本仁子 

Day 120 (4 Apr) My very good friend from Japan forwarded some photos overnight of the sakura, or cherry blossoms. It is a lovely time in Japan, the blossoms last for a moment and the atmosphere they encourage is a delight. It is a lovely reminder of the forthcoming spring in Japan just as we are heading to the slight chill of an early autumn, as each pic at 6.12am reminds us...just a touch. So the sakura is a bonus. This particular pic I really like, especially its detail. It is a little unusual, coming out of the trunk of the tree, but delicate nonetheless. 

Breakfast, here and on
my radio, at 6.12am

There is a little more of the 'seasonal' in today's pics too. Although I was getting breakfast at 6.12am it is probably the last of the muesli...porridge mornings can't be too far away (season change indicator number 32 in a series) and a little later when I was feeding the birds, I checked under those fig leaves where we met the 'Common Crow' (Euploea core) caterpillars the other day (day 116). They've turned into the little chrysalises as we waiting for the butterflies...

Other changes
As a child, probably in my bug catcher days (see day 119), we used to sing a song about caterpillars turning into chrysalises and thence to butterflies. I bet I could find it on the internet...

Later in the day, in between juggling car deals (which are just about done now), I managed to get to town, the aim of which was to go and hear Geraldine Doogue host a panel at the lovely Gallery of Modern Art. 'Australia in the Asian Century' is a bit of a pet topic for me but secretly it was just nice to be down by the river at dusk. The panellists included Wesley Enoch, Linda Jaivin, Julianne Schultz and Michael Wesley. Hmm, much to think about. 

Outside GOMA, at 6.12pm

There are truly two spectacular times along the Brisbane River, dawn and dusk although actually, a sparkling midday sun can be pretty good too. It is a real treat for a photographer-type and particularly one usually stuck in an office 100km north at the 6.12pm time. So yes, just a bit of a photographer's indulgence, besides the 6.12pm pic outside the GOMA, just a couple of bonus pic too because I was there and it felt good. 

The light is fading fast at 6.12pm now, another sure sign it will be dark soon...but, it is the season...and there will be a piece coming up on the other blog about Geraldine's panel...

But for now, a couple of photos, including the sculpture by Michael Parekowhai, 'The World Turns', it was the first chance I've had to see it. 

The Brisbane River,
just before 6.12pm

'The World Turns', outside GOMA

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