Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 177: Tweepster meet, Rumplepuppy and clockwork oranges

Day 177 (1 June) Saturday. New month...halfway through the year already. Although it is a day I could do with a bit of a sleep-in, it is a day where we have a tweepster meet planned at the West End Markets (which I eventually find). 

Washing up, at 6.12am
And although the meet up is early enough to include a breakfast, I eat before I is just a habit. So at 6.12am, I have washed the dishes ready to head out to meet with @Aquapuppy and her family including baby Genevieve and @Capt_Beef. @Snoozen is there too with Rumple, and family @Dobboinaus is also there, @Nodwink and @Tonii90. 

I thought it was the 'old' West End markets and turn up to an empty car park...turns out it was the Davies Park lot. Well, I get myself there in time for a coffee. It is one of the lovely things about twitter and, as I've said many times before, the connections that have been made through 612ABC have been marvellous. All of us meeting here this morning have that as our first point of contact. Bravo ABC!
Tweepsters at the markets

The markets are great, I can see I will be back. Apparently, I'm to try the curry puffs next time.
Rumple puppy I

The markets are followed by a clarinet rehearsal today. Some new music and some revision of previous pieces. Of all the things that go on, it is nice, I remind myself, that music is here for me. A good decision in my mid-thirties to take it seriously...tomorrow is the 40th Anniversary Concert for St Lucia Orchestra...another musical family. 

After rehearsal, it is back home quickly to turn around and head to the production of 'A Clockwork Orange'. Despite my best efforts, I haven't quite finished the book and not having seen the movie, I've only got the usual pop culture commentary to rely on. I'm not really sure what to expect, except 'violence'. I guess it is the iconic place of 'A Clockwork Orange' that is drawing me in, not the violence part, especially. 

Rumple puppy II
I hadn't read up too much on this particular production...and I'm glad I didn't. I'm not sure any written review can quite capture the energy of it. It is physical theatre quite unlike anything I've seen. It was a production that just left you drained, simply watching it. I went with a friend, herself a one-time professional dancer...we were both lost for words afterwards. 

Congrats, at 6.12pm
There's not a lot one feels like doing after such a distinctive performance. However, when I get home, I still have the life member award certificates to finalise for tomorrow's concert. I'm quite happy that I've designed a certificate that acknowledges the work and commitment of seven members of our orchestra community. They've all been there for more than 30 years. It is a marvellous achievement. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Tweepsters and fellow musicians, life is good. Oh, and it is true, Beethoven 9 will have a completely different connotation in the future. 

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  1. Yep. Clockwork Orange was extraordinary (as is my puppy of course)


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