Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 153: [+ Alpha] why is twelvepastsix...?

The previous post was about the morning in studio 400 at 612ABC. It is, if you look at the 'what's this about' bar at the side of the home page, the reason this blog got its name. This series of photos, I hope, helps to convey the strong sense of community that 612ABC has developed with the #612tweepsters (and other listeners, of course...the #CerealBoxers, for example). Acquaintance through twitter has led to friends in real life. If you, like me, have friends who don't get twitter, show them this post...Community matters and it is still possible. 

The Green Room, early
In the photos, you'll see @EvanOnTheGC, @JCBOONAH, @Dobboinaus, @brissiefarmgirl, @snoozen and @rastas000. We were joined on the twitterfeed by @Chasseur06 and @SalPiracha, @Aquapuppy and @MelKettle and others. The 612ABC team includes Spencer (@SpencerHowson), Anne (@AnneDebert), Scott (@ScottSpark), Heather (@Heather_Stott). Shelley (@shelleylloydabc) joined us too, along with Eddie Norbido, the overnight cameraman, whose reports we hear so often. Oh, and Talbot watched it all unfold, as usual.

Thanks 612, for inviting us in again. 

I arrived at work and the welcoming committee was there too.

Welcome to work...

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