Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 91: Hmm, it's 'strickly' a sign...

Day 91 (6 Mar) It is Wednesday, another work day, another rainy day. Showers, showers, showers. I know, there will come a time when we will want rain, just not now.

Time for the bonsai, at 6.12am
Continuing from yesterday, we're settling into the usual rhythms of the new semester without too many hitches. I've managed to end up with most of my teaching in the late afternoon or evening. So that means long days on campus. Maybe I shouldn't be getting up before 6.12am but there is this project to oversee. I was out watering the bonsai, sounds strange yes, with all the rain. But it is slightly protected so isn't getting a lot of the rain. Its leaves are starting to turn too (they are supposed to do that). 

Wednesday evenings for the next three months will be interesting. I have a tute from 6-7.00, following a two-hour lecture. Most shots on this day then will be from 'inside the tute room' at 6.12pm; could be interesting.  

Tute 'about Japan', at 6.12pm
My sign for today though must be the newly erected one across the road  from the University. You see, we've just introduced paid parking on campus. Students and others, ever inventive, opted to park on a vacant block across the road last week. This sign (below), which really speaks for itself, went up this week. *Sigh*

Interesting machinations in politics in Australia today. The day starts with news that the Katter Party in Queensland was going to take on the volunteered services of some 40 people who are to become the 'shadow ministers'...outside'd like to say this was odd but we must recall that present Premier Campbell Newman 'led' the Liberal National Party from outside the parliament, before becoming the member for Ashgrove. You set take on consequences. 

Just when we thought that would preoccupy netizens for the day, by evening, Victoria was up for a new premier. Our politics is a bit of a mess at the moment. 

Caption not required...
By day's end also we learnt that Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, had finally succumbed to cancer. We're unlikely to see another leader of his type for some time.

Certainly, signs of things to come, today. 

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