Thursday, 31 December 2015

Day 283: Another concert

Day 283 (15 Sept) Sunday. Concert day.

There is a concert today, out at Oxley, at a place we regularly play. I play with both the clarinet group and again with the Orchestra. Today is the clarinet choir. 

The foggy start
Still, it is a Sunday morning so essential to be reading at 6.12, a book about the recently replaced first female prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard...but this is not the politics blog, so the less said...

It is an interesting little book, a kind of addendum to an earlier biography when we imagined Ms Gillard might have had an untrammelled go at being PM but for small(minded) men. 

Reading, of course, at 6.12am

 Me and my trees, though; the morning fog was ethereal and the size and strngth of the one at the venue just had to be captured. Magnificent. The outdoor structures have been built around it to accommodate its size. Thankfully. 

Tree outside the concert venue
And then, at the other end of the 612 day, we are beginning to see the changes in light as the day begins to lengthen. 

And if there is no other point to this exercise than that, to see the subtleties in the day-to-day, then I'd be happy with that. 
Night falls, at 6.12pm

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