Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 275: has come to this

Evening sets in, a new day awaits

Day 275 (7 Sept) Saturday. Federal election day.

Starting the day, at 6.12am
And so, after a fairly tumultuous few months of implosive ALP in-fighting and leadership tensions, election day has finally arrived. I have a lot to do: clarinets at 10.00am and later in the day, I'm rostered on at a polling booth to hand out material on behalf of the Union. We're taking the education cuts right up to the government. 

So an early start, the light in the backyard is just starting to come through...and at 6.12am, it's all looking quite pleasant out there. 
Time to pack up, at 6.12pm

Rehearsal is its usual fun then it is home to rest up before the arvo on the booth then to a night in front of the screen awaiting, watching, analysing and reading the results.

On the booth with colleagues
At 6.12pm, we were packing up, taking home all the paraphernalia, it's a little dark. The night sky just a few minutes before, at 6.09pm, was a pic waiting to be taken. All went OK on the booth, pleasantries exchanged as usually happens. Called in to a friend's place on the way home, to watch events unfold. 

The Liberal Party won. Kevin Rudd, former prime minister, was re-elected to his seat here in Griffith. More to come...

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