Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day 259: We can just relocate the Navy...

Day 259 (22 Aug) Thursday. Nothing out of the ordinary really, a few catch up classes to make up for last Tuesday, talking International Security, one eye on the election campaign...oh, and friend goes into hospital tomorrow for a first go at surgery. Yes, it's a distraction. 

The light, again, at 6.12am
They say at times like this that it is best to keep to regular routines...they probably didn't quite mean keeping a daily blog about what you were doing at precisely two points in the day, but the habit has a kind of reassurance of sorts. 

The subtle changes in the light each morning continue to draw the photographer in me and so this morning at 6.12 the light is getting brighter. 

The Ruddster, on the trail,
at 6.12pm
By the evening, well, after class, catching up with the day's campaigning, apparently the prime minister is going to move the naval base from Sydney to Brisbane. Makes me recall when I was taken by a taxi driver to the naval base in Sydney, instead of Circular Quay...a new fellow to the job obviously, he assured me I could get the ferry to Manly from there. I reckoned with him I couldn't. 

There are creeping elements of chaos in the looks like the Ruddster is back. This is going to be interesting. 

However, there is a drive home ahead, and a day in the waiting room tomorrow, awaiting. 

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