Sunday, 27 October 2013

Day 258: Normal transmission resumes

Day 258 (21 Aug) Wednesday. And of course, it is so easy to resume normal work after a day at Fraser but resume we must and so we do. It is a normal sort of day, with the exception of pressing health matters of friends and colleagues. 

The bonsai drinks, at 6.12am
Begins well enough at 6.12am with bonsai on a fine morning and almost no leaves. Given the absence of four seasons here in Brisbane as others might know them, the bonsai is proving to be a nice reminder. *Must remember to water the twigs* becomes an imperative. The moss at the base of the trunk is a reminder that it is a living thing. 

Tutes, at 6.12pm
We remain in full election mode of course so the day involves keeping up with campaigning news. Living here in the PM's electorate adds a certain level of interest. Although quite a swing is required to unseat KRudd, his primary opponent, Bill Glasson, is running a highly visible campaign with volunteers on key intersections each morning now (or so it seems). 

By 6.12pm, we are continuing in the second tute on East Asian politics, reading the Dower text. Tonight, I have brought along some of his other books for students to gain a sense of his extended works on Japan and the United States and the Second World War. 

Home again, and I plan the rest of the week. It is going to be tension-filled, on so many levels. 

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