Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day 260: The waiting...

Looking ahead
Day 260 (23 August) Friday. Hospital today. I've offered to take my friend to the hospital along with her mum, and stay as long or as little as necessary. We've planned for the day. 

So it is up early, admission is around 7.00am. I've packed a few work things to do in case I end up spending the day there. Breakfast at 6.12am is the usual. We're off and into town to wait. Same hospital as another friend went to some years ago. I haven't been back there since then. 

My breakfasts are habit,
at 6.12am
Turns out, we are advised we can go home and await a call later in the day. That's what we do. I try to do some work during the day but surgeries are rarely distraction-free. There is the election campaign however...

At some point during the afternoon, I wander outside in the backyard...I have great plans to turn this backyard into a garden, proper, one day. The kookas have been around again and this one seemed quite tame. 

All's good, at 6.12pm
At 4.30 we get the call to go in and wait my friend's move from recovery to the ward. All seems to have gone well, one of those odd post-surgery moments where my friend is 'so' well, one wonders if the surgery hasn't happened yet. But it has and discharge is expected in the morning. At 6.12pm, the room was really just a mass of flowers, and what else might a photographer-type take than the nearest bouquet. It seemed like the best outcome. 

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