Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 261: Life interrupted

Day 261 (24 Aug) Saturday. Sometimes life can just be travelling along and then it knocks you sideways. This morning is back to the hospital, check on my friend and perhaps see her home. It's then awaiting the next stages, the coming extent of treatment, the extent of support I might be able to offer her and her family. 

Pondering, at 6.12am
Such things I was pondering at 6.12am before heading off to the hospital, just before I got up.  Still more flowers arrived at the hospital from friends and colleagues. So many in fact, it required a large trolley to get them all out to the car. But the discharge was approved so that was a good sign. 

Parliament, from South Bank

Today was also a 'play day' but should I stay or should I go. We are part of a group of subscribers who look forward to going but it was a case of operation interruptus for this one. Safely back at her house however, my friend insisted I go anyway. So I did, 'twas a nice day to be thinking about life by the brisbane River...

And, just to show everything was getting back to normal, at 6.12pm I found myself at the local pizza place, picking up our pizzas, usually Friday night, but just merely postponed. Maybe sometimes just sometimes, things in life are there to be interrupted...

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