Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 262: Concert day

Reflection, at 6.12pm 
The 6.12 dawn
Day 262 (25 Aug) Sunday. Another Sunday, another concert. No, not always, it just seems like that sometimes. And of course, with my mind on other things, should I be playing through distractions or indeed play to be distracted? Tough call. 

A break in the concert
I still like being up early, even on a Sunday and capturing that moment the light is breaking through at 6.12am, which is what I did. Concert days are always quite busy. We generally need to be there for a fairly early sound check before the 2.00pm curtain call. Today is out at the St Lucia campus, a repeat of last week's concert essentially. 

A good part of the morning then is spent in rehearsal. I don't have a lot to play in this particular concert so I sneak a tweet or tweeting from the back row, just for fun.

I decide to call in to see my friend on the way home, it affords an interesting 'reflective' pic at 6.12pm. On the way, I notice the member for Griffith has stepped up his presence with the placement of a prominent billboard opposite the Gabba cricket ground. Yep, there's an election in the air. 

Tomorrow, it's back to work...

Caption not required...

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