Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 263: Witch's hat in the morning, ships in the night

Well, one way to start the day, at 6.12am
Day 263 (26 Aug) Monday. Notwithstanding all that is on, it was back to classes today but not before I had to do a little 'maintenance' out the front. The council is repairing the footpath and so there are the usual safety controls in place. It just so happened that one ended up on my garage roof overnight courtesy, no doubt, of a bored passer-by. An industrious start to the 6.12 morning. 

Later in the evening, at 6.12, I was approaching the carpark at work when one of the buildings (the 'tower') loomed up like a lost ship at sea. With the concert yesterday, there was no rehearsal scheduled for this evening which gave me a chance to work back a little, and work my way home a little more casually. 

It's back tomorrow, for a full day...

Ships in the 6.12pm

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