Friday, 1 February 2013

Day 58: It's raining again, but the Wind(ies) are not quite here

The sun rises
Day 58 (1 Feb) An interesting start to the day and the month, the horizon had an eerie glow as the sun tried to rise through a light drizzle. Sometimes, the dawn colours make early starts worthwhile. I can't convince colleagues who fail to understand my choice to get up early when I don't need too. It's colours like these that make me. 

An earlier than usual start today. Required to be on campus by 8.15, that means everything must be compressed (and a little less time on twitter). Out the door at 6.30 and on the way. 

My favourite mug (shot),
at 6.12am
So at 6.12am, it was multiskilling: breakfast, yesterday's paper, the meeting notes on the iDevice. Not surprisingly, media commentary has overemphasised the PM's new glasses over the content of her speech. It is a problem we have with the political dynamics. To 'even up' the bias, we seem to have moved to a justification of such inane commentary by talking about male politicians' minor cosmetic affectations. Perhaps we don't need to discuss it at all. I blame the televising of the Kennedy-Nixon debate c. 1960. It's been downhill all the way since. 

One end of the corridor,
at 6.12pm
Work today was dominated by a five hour strategy and planning meeting. It was in a pleasant enough facility, but it was long. The year is shaping up to be a busy one so a 'plan' is required. There will be much coffee...The return to the office meant a catch up on work that piled up in the meantime. 

The caretaker, just after 6.12pm
Since it is Friday, the aim was to be leaving the campus at a reasonable time. Thus 6.12pm found me not in my office, but in the corridor having washed my coffee cup. Not many people around at that time and really, nor should there be. Sometimes though, I'm not the last being to leave the campus, though I know we're leaving it in good hands. The kangas are wild and the uni is their 'natural' habitat. Smart kangas.

As I sign off this evening, we are hearing announcements of ministers resigning from government. It is not uncommon for parliamentarians to announce their intentions to resign rather than stand for election next time. I guess we weren't expecting such prominent resignations so soon. It might slightly derail the PM's confident call of the election date. So close to preparing the first lectures too...teaching politics can be so dynamic. 

Today was also the day, I suspect, we'll witness the beginning of the end of the one-day international cricket format. I prefer it over the much shorter T20 but not as much as the tests. The once-mighty West Indies were humbled, all out for 70 runs. It follows an equally shocking capitulation by the Australian team against Sri Lanka a couple of weeks ago. Is it a player-led revolt to chip away at what they might consider too many matches? I guess that's one way to fix your workload. 

It's raining again, the winds are here; we're not over the weather yet. 

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