Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 60: I really can't live without books...though I've tried.

Here because it looks nicer than the
washing really, also at 6.12am
Day 60 (3 Feb) Sunday started as every other Sunday seems to start...up and doing the washing. But it was also a day where we had to make up for last weekend's 'cabin fever' and being confined to quarters due to the rain. 

Today was also the return of a couple of favourite political programs, 'Insiders' on ABCTV and the Sunday morning Radio National program which includes a segment called 'Outsiders'. How do I watch a TV program when I don't have a TV you ask? I don't, I listen to the radio replay on ABC NewsRadio later in the morning--TV on radio--it works. I also follow it all on twitter, and it's all an hour earlier. 

Washing, been here before,
at 6.12am
But today was a 'make up for last weekend' movie day and one movie planned, 'Hitchcock' was due to start at 10.35am. That was a first, movie on Sunday morning. That meant the Sunday morning rituals had to be completed early on, hence the washing at 6.12am as well as getting out into the garden to check yesterday's mowing handiwork. The frangipanis had come out again too, since yesterday. The lorikeets were also out and about then too and the sun was up. Quite a lovely morning all round really. 

There was a bit of a plan, post-early movie to head into town and visit a fave bookshop too. Books: they are a hobby, they are work, they are what I read, they are what I write. I've worked in a secondhand bookshop, I've imagined one day owning one. I spend my time overseas in libraries (and bookshops). In fact, I can't remember a time when I didn't have books. 

The washing, or books, at 6.12pm. 
There was a parfait, too.
Can one have too many books? I don't know, that's really a rhetorical question. I'm fairly neutral on the e-book vs dead tree book debate: I use both. So I guess it wasn't surprising when I visited Washington DC a couple of years ago that I took time out to visit the Library of Congress (and the White House, and Congress...I am nothing if not political...). There, the Thomas Jefferson quote 'I cannot live without books' is everywhere, including now, on the t-shirt I was taking off the line at 6.12pm...washing done. It's true. 

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