Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 64: A full day, and night.

Day 64 (7 Feb) Today is set to be a little different. It will start with spending some time at the State Library, move to the SunCoast and work for a few hours before returning to Brisbane for a spot on Rebecca Levingston's Evenings program, Eat the Week, on 612ABC. 

Breakfast reading, at 6.12am
It begins in the usual way though at 6.12am. That means a catch up with yesterday's paper and now that we're into February, my monthly magazines have returned to publishing so it's time to read them too. That is one thing I miss about my previous life when I was able to commute to work via public transport...always time to read. 

I had some reason to pause at the State Library this morning for a couple of hours. Interestingly, while I was there working away, the state Minister for the Arts, Ros Bates, was speaking upstairs about the arts in Queensland. I was following the live tweeting while I worked. So much one could say about that here, but that is for the other blog. 

The next couple of days are all about finalising paperwork before the new semester starts. It also means trying to make sure I'm happy with the presentation for next Tuesday...that probably won't can always be better. 

The work at the library this morning was consulting some material for that presentation. The book I read was a thesis on the political thought of the Meiji era, including the crucial period in the 1890s as the constitution and parliamentary government were being considered. It fits exactly with the time Watanabe was here in Queensland. There's some lovely material there.

Thinking 612, at 6.12pm
Up to work and back home to prepare for the radio show tonight. As I've aged, I've become a bit chronic as far as getting to places on time go. I tend to over-anticipate arrival times, or over-compensate for possible hold-ups. The drive home usually takes about 75 minutes so I left with enough time to get home and into the studio, or direct to the studio should something happen on the highway. 

Thankfully, it was a smooth run and so at 6.12pm I was home preparing for the show on 612 Brisbane, at 8pm. The segment is a good one, and I've always enjoyed listening to it, usually on the computer at work or on the way home. Rebecca gives us a series of topics to discuss over an 'entree, main and dessert' format. Some light-hearted issues, some rather heavy ones. It is a privilege to work with all the people involved. I feel very fortunate to be asked to join ABC journalist Matt Wordsworth and the Courier Mail columnist Kathleen Noonan.

The news that has dominated today was a report on sports betting, doping and cheating in Australian sport. I've been a long time sports participant and observer; I love my sport, and while the revelations don't surprise, they disappoint nonetheless. It will dominate the news for some time to come. 

A very eventful day really.

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