Friday, 15 February 2013

Day 72: Pineapples: the guaranteed rough end up here

Day 72 (15 Feb) Today was another day at the office, early start, late finish. Last day before Orientation Week and classes start. Not much to do you might imagine except the usual office work which I was doing until... 

The many colours of lunch,
at 6.12am
Started as usual and by 6.12am I was up to making lunch. I do make the effort each day to make and take something to lunch for work. My lunch gets tedious, same old same old, but one gets rather tired of paying for the same old same old at the refec at work, so I make my own. Currently, it's salads. I suppose the colour is interesting. 

Although there were good intentions to leave the office at a reasonable time I was still there at 6.12pm. As promised in an earlier post, I've decided to offer a few variations on the usual theme. These shelves are to my left. It has also been raining on the SunCoast all day.  It occurred to me to look out the window to see what was happening with the weather. When we say we sometimes feel chained to our desk and imprisoned, well, here are two views which just might encapsulate that. 

I had also decided to try and clear out some old papers, amazing what clutters one's office after ten years. An hour or so, and I made a dent in the piles but there's a bit to go yet...

The office, at 6.12pm 
But one reason I was back a little later than anticipated was another day in Queensland politics...ah you know the Queensland cliche, beautiful one day, chaos the next...but it was happening on two fronts. 

One is the watch on my local member Kevin Rudd-- #ruddmentum, #ruddbunker #ruddrudd--will he or won't he challenge the prime minister; it's getting tiresome but something is happening. I'm watching closely so I can write and contribute a post from 'inside Griffith', it's going to be an interesting contest. 

The other major political news here today though was the resignation from the Queensland Cabinet of Arts Minister Ros Bates. Now we've all been on #RosWatch for a while with a series of stumbles (literally and figuratively) in her time in Cabinet. Finally it became too much and she has resigned. That was early in the day. 

Rained out, at 6.12pm
Mid-afternoon, it was announced that the stood-aside Director-General of Transport and party operative Michael Caltabiano was to be dismissed, as of 15 March...having been stood down in the interim on $10,000 a week. As many were saying, nice work if you can get it. 

Now some of these things are subject to ethics committees, the CMC or courts. There will be much to come out. I have for a while wanted to write the Liberal Party story in Queensland...I think that time is coming. 

So, I need not worry about things to talk about next week when the classes much grist for the mill, so rough is the end of our pineapple...

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