Friday, 8 February 2013

Day 65: I probably can't give up coffee, because 'macha latte'

Day 65 (8 Feb) Today, more sprinkles of rain as we woke up...seems it's never going to quite go away. That's good and bad I guess. Another day to head up the highway to continue preparations for the new academic year. 

It starts here, at 6.12am
The sports doping news continued to take up much of the airtime on the radio. We touched on it briefly in last night's program and I reflected on that at 6.12am when making my coffee. The caffeine in coffee can apparently be addictive...I don't believe I'm addicted to coffee but in the midst of the drug allegations and my on-air confession last night that perhaps, just perhaps, I'd find coffee really hard to give up...well, maybe. 

A coffee substitute (?)
I do enjoy my coffee, perhaps half a dozen cups a day, give or take three or four, and so I wouldn't give it up. But sometimes I try to alternate with teas. A colleague returned from Japan with a lovely gift of macha (green tea) latte sticks. Regular readers may recall I did try one of these in Japan back in December. And look, at lunchtime, it made a nice change...albeit it temporary. It was a talking point in the tearoom at least. I shall continue to seek to whittle down the coffee consumption. 

I probably spent a total of five out of nine hours on campus today in meetings or refining handbooks or further admin. 

Sippy Downs, at 6.12pm

I was heading towards another 6.12pm shot from the bat cave until exhorted by twitter friends to depart...besides it was my turn to order the pizza and that had to happen at the end of a 75 minute drive down the highway. We quite often see lovely sunsets around the campus but not tonight. A cloudy sky instead. Actually, from a photographers pov, clouds make fascinating subjects. 

Perhaps next week's macha latte could be imagined as a green cloud... 

The first draft of Tuesday's presentation is almost done. The weekend ahead is full of 19th century Japanese reportage on Queensland...there is still much to do.  

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