Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day 84: Just another day at the office

Day 84 (27 Feb) Realised just now that indeed, today, it is day three of the new semester, and the daily rhythms are quickly establishing themselves. Well, sort of. There are so many times in a day when you'd really like to have about four clones to just get through the day. 

Interestingly, today's two 6.12 moments actually suggest a calm and continuity that belie the pace and demands of the day. Indeed, I may have to rethink the project lest you get the impression my life is about coffee and the office...oh, wait. 

At 6.12am, breakfast and yesterday's news today as well as following up on some information-gathering I'd been doing. And before people judge me, I read both broadsheets for work purposes. I do have to get back into early departure habits again now with classes on. It also means longer days in the office. 

The photographer in me in noticing not-so-subtle changes in lighting, not just here but from southern tweeps too whose former sunrises are turning into moonrises.

So at 6.12pm I was in the office, but the next few months of Wednesdays should see me in a tute each Wednesday will I manage that? 

In between these two photos, I had to navigate a broken down photocopier,  four student enquiries which each took some time and for whom the outcome might be quite significant for each of them, a further meeting to discuss a draft of a submission about my teaching team, meet with two colleagues separately over workplace matters, review some 'review' material, timetabling, further enquiries on separate matters on behalf of another colleague, oh, and then there's the teaching, later in the day. 

You've been here before, at 6.12pm
Each matter is important, each matter needs its time. Each matter needs another day. 

The Queensland Government sailed close to the wind again today in flirting with convention by making a policy announcement in front of a fee-paying party crowd. The announcement was about's policy, it's not an election campaign, these announcements should be made publicly free of inherent privilege. These people must realise one day. 

And cricket can be an amazing thing. As I drove into the tunnel tonight, Victoria required 5 runs from 9 balls in the one-day final. Done and dusted one might think. By the time we were through the tunnel...Queensland had won. How'd they do that? Go Queensland. 

Oh, and then there was Clive...the Titanic, it's official: he's building it ('cos he think they ill come?).

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