Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 238: A philosophical approach

Day 238 (1 August) Thursday. An earlier than usual start today as I head off to pick up a friend for the drive north. That means at 6.12am I'm washing up and notice that the suds might be yesterday's cloud-like formation. 

Dishes, at 6.12am
There's another meeting to finalise some forthcoming union activity around Bluestocking Week. There's another 'first' tute, the International Security class, and the lecture as well. Today I hope to inculcate an appreciation of political philosophy, particularly the philosophy that underpins studies in international relations: Hobbes, Kant and others. I've come to appreciate this aspect more and more. That's part of what I plan to write about next year when I take some time out. 

A philosophical approach,
at 6.12pm
At 6.12pm, I've returned from the class with the pile of books I take along to show students, including some marvellous editions I have collected from second-hand bookshops over the years. It is lovely to have such copies, with notations from years gone by: marginalia as we tend to call it. It adds a layer of richness and knowledge and curiosity about the questions generations before have pondered. 

I eventually leave...tomorrow is a busy day. 

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