Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 239: Reviving TJ Ryan

Time to water the bonsai,
at 6.12am
Day 239 (2 August) Friday. The revolution begins today! Well, perhaps not quite but I'm meeting with some like-minded colleagues to get a think tank up and running, one which focusses on progressive policy ideas for Queensland. We might need it. 

I do have to go in for my infusion concoction which is supposed to be managing the RA. Meh. This is now a four-weekly ritual. Will it do anything? Hard to know just yet. 

I was up early enough to be tending the bonsai at 6.12am. It is that somewhat deceiving time given that there are no leaves but I know I have to keep up the water. The light is starting to arrive a little earlier in the day now too, I continue to marvel at that colour at that time of day, as with the silhouette of the trees. 

The meeting is at my old uni, UQ, in the afternoon so I figure I might as well head over after the appointment to do some work. We have an agenda to respond to as well so that should give me some time to do that. 

Forgan-Smith building,
at 6.12pm
It finishes just after 6.00 and at 6.12pm I just happen to be walking past the main building on my way to catch the citycat home...hardly feels like the eleven years since I left this place. There is a touch of nostalgia and hope as I walk away feeling like I'm part of a group that really wants to make the world, starting with Queensland, a better place...

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