Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 237: Clouds on the horizon...

Clouds on the horizon
Day 237 (31 Jul) Wednesday. Week 2 and so the tutes begin. 

Tutes are traditionally the one place where some very interesting discussion takes place and this semester I'm using the same book for two courses. It is a bit of an experiment but the courses, one on security and one on East Asian politics, draw on themes (I expect) that will be covered in the book. The text is by one of my favourite authors, John Dower and it is a comparison of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, the US occupation of Japan and Iraq. Perhaps controversial, hopefully thought-provoking. 

An angle on breakfast,
at 6.12am
Breakfast at 6.12am is the usual for this time of year. As I drive up the highway it is always interesting to watch the clouds, today was no exception. As I arrived at work, I tried to capture the motion of the clouds on the horizon. That's all, quite literally, not metaphorically...

Tute reading, at 6.12pm
At 6.12pm, we are in class, making some opening comments on the Dower text. What is to be anticipated? Who would like to read and present which chapter? The usual first tute plays. Today's class is the group doing the course on East Asian politics and security. It already seems like it will be an interesting and engaging group. 

After class, it is more prep for the next day. The other course. Home at the usual time, via the usual service centre for the Bruce pitstop...

Once semester starts, the patterns are fairly predictable. 

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