Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day 241: Werewolves in Tokyo...or somesuch

Day 241 (4 August) Sunday. Today I shall be taken to movie in a genre I wouldn't normally watch...but before then... there is work to do, books to read. 

Reading to start the day,
at 6.12am
A little danger
And so it is at the start of the day. One thing about regular early starts and the unpleasant hours of my work that not even Sundays, after a big night out, warrant a sleep in. But it is, as noted, a particularly good time to read usually while listening to ABC News Radio. 

This one is another political one, another about the malaise of the Australian Labor Party, it does seem to be a theme. Speculation early this morning about the announcement of the new election date. Might have saved a bit of trouble if Mr Rudd had stuck to the 14 September date nominated by Ms Gillard...but there you go...that's why there are so many books about the Labor Party I suppose. 

Everything still looked OK,
at 6.12pm
But it is off to see that movie...Wolverine. I tell myself it probably has some value in that it is set in Japan, starting with the bombing of Nagasaki (coincidentally the topic of this week's lectures, being the 68th anniversary) and with a rather contemporary take on Tokyo... In the car park of the movie theatre, I come across a most interesting sign warning of danger, one I haven't seen before. After the movie I decide that there is a rather strong Roland Bathesesque semiotic signifying going on...OK, a big way to say, 'not quite my type of movie'. Nonetheless, the trip home provides an interesting pic as we wait at lights. 

My political compass
Oh, while we were in the cinema...Mr Rudd announced the election date: five weeks away, 7 September. Psephologist antennae alert, this is going to be fun. I also had a go at the ABC's 'Vote Compass', a very interesting exercise to keep us psephies amused for days to come. 

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