Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day 244: Eyes on the skies

Day 244 (7 August) Wednesday. It should be an ordinary day...breakfast, work, lecture, tutes and home. But there are some matters which arise that in the end sometimes make me wonder about the extra unrecognised work I take on...but equally sometimes, there's just not much one can do. 

Breakfast, at 6.12am

Dawn colour.
So it is the usual breakfast ritual at 6.12am but the dawning sky just a little later demands attention for the colour it paints across the sky. One of the delights of driving north on the highway each day is observing the cloud formations as they change. 

The contrast just a couple of hours later once I'd arrived at work was too interesting for this photographer to ignore. I suspect next year's #project365 may just turn out to be something to do with clouds, or grass growing. The clouds are an endless source of photographic fascination for me. 

Just a couple of hours later
There is much to be done at work as the teaching semester begins to get up to speed. Assessments have commenced so there is the extra work that now begins with marking and the tweaking of courses as events begin to impact on our lectures. One thing about teaching contemporary politics is the ever-ready changes and responses that need to be made to the content. The Australian election campaign is generating some interest in our neighbours to the north so it becomes a bit of a focus. 

Tute, at 6.12pm
In the tute at 6.12pm however, we continue our reading of Dower's text. A few chapters in now and the students are engaging with the text and the content in really quite interesting ways. I think this will produce some very good discussions. 

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