Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day 242: Campaigning begins...

Day 242 (5 August) Monday. OK, having seen Wolverine will give me some level of pop culture cred...somewhere, I guess. But work must go on and today is a rather 'politics'-type day.  

Of course, much of my focus over the next five weeks will revolve around the election. But tonight, after work, I must get myself to Queensland Parliament House for the Annual General meeting of one of my associations: the Australasian Study of Parliament Group, or ASPG. 

Toast, at 6.12am
It is a terrific group to be a part of as I have noted before. Tonight however, we are to elect a new executive and tentatively, I have been nominated to stand as the chair of the Queensland Chapter. The AGM is always held in the Legislative Council chamber, the original 'upper house' (since it is not used for its original purpose here in Queensland after all), which always gives these meetings a certain 'gravitas'. 

AGM, at 6.12pm
The day at work proceeds as usual...some discussion of the election campaign of course, but back down the highway for the meeting. I am elected, unopposed for the position. We are all very keen that we energise political debate and civics education here in Australia. How timely. 

I feel honoured that my colleagues have asked me to take on this post. I look forward to the opportunities it presents. It is home thereafter via a cuppa with a friend. There are quite a few extra things coming up over the next little while. I need a clone. 

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