Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day 1: At 6.12am

Day one: today I begin the quest, to participate in the project 365, photo a day blog. What started as a plan to document my day at the same time each day has become a challenge to capture the moment at twelve past six each day. Yes, 6.12. Does that have anything to do with a certain radio station in Brisbane? Why yes. And today, being 612 Day, that is, 6 December, the quest begins today. To start us off: 
Today, at 6.12am on 612ABC on 6/12.

612ABC Breakfast host Spencer Howson really enjoys talking numbers, especially dates. Naturally 6 December scores highly on the list for ABC listeners in Brisbane. 

Spencer challenged us all to take a photo at 6.12am on 612ABC on 6/12 for #612day. 

At 6.12pm, still listening to 612ABC
The photo to the left was my effort and gets this project 365 off the ground. 

For good measure, I was at my desk at 6.12pm today too. So I took that photo. Sometimes, I'll take the shot at 6.12am, sometimes at 6.12pm. Am I a creature of habit, as I suspect; or is there a bit more to my day? We shall see in 365 days. 

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