Monday, 10 December 2012

Day 5: Food and seeding ideas

Day 5: Woke to some rain this morning, that's always nice. It also meant working at home so that I could make sure I got to an appointment on time in Brisbane, always a gamble when work is a 75 minute drive away. Anyway, it also meant that the routine changes, a little. 

Monday night is usually rehearsal night (I play in a community orchestra) but we've moved to summer recess. So I could make dinner for a change which is what I found myself doing at 6.12pm. Rather ordinary really. Just a quick pasta and vege dish. It means I can get back to work. 

About to be dinner, 6.12pm
This morning, however, I found myself having to explain myself to my neighbour. Why was I taking a photo of the bird feeder...? I have lovely neighbours actually, and we catch ourselves chatting over the fence regularly and sharing ideas about the birds' seed preferences, and gardening hints. We share the lorikeets and pale-headed rosellas that live in the neighbourhood. Lately, we've been visited upon by crows, bit of a topic. 

I always feel fortunate that I have the neighbours I do, we keep an eye out for each other, contrary to the reported social trends. She also listens to 612ABC so gets the 6.12am/pm thing, luckily.

The news today continued to feature the fallout of the prank phone call to London, and it seems everyone has an opinion. 

The lorikeets' eye-view
Today we also took time to reflect on the 20th Anniversary of the Redfern Speech, then Prime Minister Paul Keating's speech to seek to reconcile white Australia with our first peoples (written by Don Watson; I'm a former speech's an occupational thing). 

I'm also spending much of my time preparing for the Japanese election. There will be much to understand and analyse next week...

And I've had to give some thought to when the '6.12' photo should be taken--I'm due to land in Tokyo at 6.10, Tokyo may be difficult to get that one; is it about '6.12' local time--or what would be '6.12' Brisbane time wherever I for thought. 

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