Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 8: Pictures won't always tell the story

Day 8: Today might prove to be the most mundane of days, if pictures tell a story. Someone asked did I consciously set-up the 6.12 time shot. No, not at all. Sometimes I've found myself doing something quite interesting at another time and think, 'Hmm wish I'd been doing that at 6.12'; no, to the extent possible, whatever the photo shows, that's what I'm doing there and then (or the 6.12 equivalent in another time zone).

No secrets, no skills: the emoticons at 6.12am
In fact, in between these photos, good things also happened including catching up with Brisbane-based colleagues and a little more support for ABC612's Kids in Care campaign. 

Patterns are developing with the 6.12am shot: mostly I'm at home doing the usual sorts of breakfast things people do. One thing I do contribute to the twitterverse is 'today's emoticon', something I have written about here. That is what I found myself 'deciding' at 6.12am. As I've noted, there's no grand secret, they're on my Japanese keypad, or created from the punctuation marks on the keyboard. They can be whimsical or a little serious, a comment on the day, or just anything really. Generally they start a lovely whimsical dialogue.  It's a nice thing to do. 
A bus: 6.12pm

In the evening, I found myself on a bus and a little self-conscious about taking a photo in such a public place...a bus, in the suburbs of Brisbane. But that is what I was doing. 

ABC612 Caring for Kids
about 5.12pm (6.12pm in Sydney)
I was actually on the way home from the local shopping centre where ABC612 presenters were appearing to help cap off a wonderful promotion of asking listeners to contribute a gift for kids in foster care. It's been a privilege to have the opportunity to take part and it just captures the strengths of our ABC in our community. Steve Austin, Mornings presenter, not on twitter (yet) appeared at Garden City. 

To illustrate the promise of twitter, I tweeted this photo of him at work, wrapping the gifts. Good one Steve, and well done Brisbane!

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