Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 9: Peaked! @612ABC @0612

Day 9: If this were a project about capturing the 'it' photo and then winding up, then the project might end today, not 356 days from now. Readers will know that the '612' motif is a nod to Brisbane's local ABC station, but it's not always about the ABC. It's more about acknowledging the wonderful community engagement and participation by listeners, tweepsters and ABC staff. 

@6.12am in Studio 400 @612Brisbane;
Spencer doing his serious 'ABC' presenter voice. 
Notwithstanding that, from time to time, by virtue of my position as an academic, I do get asked to comment on matters political. Mostly it has been on 612 ABC and ABC Gold Coast. It is a privilege to be asked and I take it seriously. I generally spend a bit of time prepping for questions. With the Japanese election approaching on Sunday, Breakfast presenter Spencer Howson asked me into the studio this morning to have a bit of a chat about the election. Actually, it started out with interrogation about why I had never watched the movie 'Love Actually' following an innocent tweet last night, that I'd never seen it. Eventually (hehe) we got to the point of the interview which was a bit about Japan, the election and why we should be interested. We are following up next week from connections permitting. But that actually wasn't so much the point for this the photo I simply *had* to take today...what was I doing at 6.12am today? Sitting in studio 400 at 612ABC speaking with Spencer...end of blog! Not really. It was just one of those serendipitous moments, and I hope to capture more over the next 12 months or so. (Spencer, by the way, does not have his eyes closed; blame the photographer not the photographee.)

Smell the roses: 6.12pm
I left the building not long after to attend a meeting at Taringa, only to find myself back at South Bank later in the day with a request to comment on ABCNews24. Apparently the fact I hadn't ever seen 'Love Actually' was a national news story! Who knew? No, not really, it was about the Japanese election, actually...I suppose a 'love actually' all my own. Live, national TV: a first, tad nerve-racking experience for me. What was left but to come home and smell the roses...which is exactly what I did, wandered in my garden (a rare opportunity) and looked at what Mother Nature had worked on this week. It's a rose, actually. 

And that is such a corny, overused pun. Nonetheless, I think such was the twitter-pressure, I will see the movie--before next Christmas. 

Queensland politics continues its 'I don't really believe that' themes of late. The current issue is about fluoride in the water; like daylight savings, it is something Queenslanders do seek to do differently...Slipper/Brough/Ashby fallout continues; I'd like to sit the key pollies down and have a serious chat with them. And today the test series against Sri Lanka commenced in Hobart. I'm going to miss my first Boxing Day test in many years. That's an annual tradition on hold, actually.

The other side of the desk.
About 6.12ish.

I will be back here tomorrow, but can I top today? Thanks Spencer and everyone at the ABC

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