Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 6: A meeting, and a test...

Day 6: One of those mornings when the light through the window means dawn begins around 4.00am and so it was today. Although sunrise wasn't until 4.46, it was still that awkward time when trying get more sleep would have meant sleeping in. Always a problem when it is a busy day ahead. Today was one of those days. I am a staff-elected member of my University's Council, and that meant being prepared for the meeting due in the evening. 
Meeting notes over breakfast 6.12am

So, 6.12am today saw me going over my notes over breakfast to make sure I'd read and understood the documents, had questions and queries prepared and was in a position to engage in the dialogue which occurs at these meetings. I also knew there were going to be several other meetings with students and colleagues and administration and...so on.

 Today also presented me with the first 'test' of the '6.12' mantra...what if I can't take the photo at 6.12? I figured it was going to happen at some point which is why I've gone with the main plus supplementary photo am/pm approach (not boring 1 and boring 2 as someone suggested...); surely I can score one actual 6.12 photo a day...

The Council meeting commenced at 5.00pm and I knew it was highly unlikely I'd manage even a surreptitious 6.12pm photo...what to do? The next relevant time I found myself back in the office by 8.12pm, which I figure is 6.12pm Perth time, so problem solved. If I can't get the 6.12 local time exactly, I'll capture me at 6.12 somewhere in the world. This is the internet after all, so time is relative, or something. Well, that's my justification for tonight anyway. A little creative license is permitted, no? 

The office: 6.12pm (Perth time)
The Japanese election is now just days away, polls are pointing to the Liberal Democrats gaining the highest proportion of votes, but that's just 26% at this stage; about 16% of survey respondents plan to vote for the incumbent DPJ while about one-third of voters simply don't support any of the parties on offer. Voting is not compulsory, so we could be in for an interesting ride. 

Locally, we are experiencing that odd mix of rain and bushfires with not quite enough of the former to extinguish the latter. Summer in Queensland...the Queensland Premier is now claiming there will be no further job cuts (a contentious issue through the year) and a day after commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Redfern Speech, Brisbane City Council moved in to remove the sovereign tent embassy in Musgrave Park. Ah, Brisbane, testing times all round. 

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