Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 12: A rather nondescript day...

Day 12: The day was always scheduled to end with a concert by one of the music groups I play in. But before then, it was business as usual: up early, breakfast, feed the lorikeets, get to work, attend meetings, lock self in office in the meantime to tie up loose ends. 

The lorikeets awaited at 6.12am
Some days you wake up knowing you have about four days work to do with about four hours in which to do it. Add to that, it was a rather warm, mid-30 degrees heat sort of day and quite a bit of smoke haze still around. So today, 6.12am was just that, starting with feeding the lorikeets. They're wild, but they know how to get attention. 

I was listening to 612 at 6.12pm
The evening was about the aforementioned concert. I play in a clarinet choir---about 25-30 clarinets--and we play a number of community concerts. December is a busy time with Christmas concerts. I was almost there, a church Christmas Festival on the northside of Brisbane, at 6.12pm tonight, I had just arrived in the car. But there is a small supplementary photo there to, because who needs to see the interior of a car...

A little light music at 6.12pm-ish
(Japan time) 
Much of the day outside meetings was consumed by media-related queries about the Japanese election result. It will be an interesting time. Maybe that's what the lorikeets were alerting me to this morning. As for other matters, I have a headful of issues concerning workplace health and safety...just that kinda nondescript day really. 

[Are the patterns developing yet?]

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