Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 2: Coffee and weekend reading

Day two: Stepping out on this new venture, makes one a real clock watcher, but that's OK, that's kinda the point. Normally at 6.12am I'm onto my second cuppa over breakfast and listening to ABC radio current affairs program, AM. I can be pretending to read the newspaper but I'm often on twitter as well. The cup is a favourite, one I've had since my days working in the Senate. It's a lovely time of the day. 

Morning radio, morning coffee
But never fear, this project isn't going to be just about my morning coffee. It will be a record of some key news events of the day as well. 

Today was the day that the service was held for Daniel Morcombe, abducted on 7 December 2003. It has dominated the news today. Daniel was a student at the school next door to my University campus at Sippy Downs; there was a bit of a sombre feel about the place, knowing what was going on next door. But people wore red and there was a serenity too. It was an overcast and rainy day, the first all week. 

Just as I arrived home, a rather large earthquake struck northeast Japan. I'm headed there for the election in a couple of weeks. I've experienced earthquakes before, they are a constant part of life in Tokyo but everyone's a bit sensitive since 3.11, Fukushima. 

What to read tomorrow?
On the politics front, there was a COAG meeting today and what did we hear about? Queensland was at odds with the other states about the succession plans re the Royal Family. Ah Queensland...if we 'can do' it differently, we will... 

I was still at work today at 6.12pm, listening to ABC Radio's current affairs program PM, and thinking about my weekend reading. I seem to be that creature of habit already...

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