Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 3: A typical Saturday

Day three: Saturday, a day I do like to steer clear of work, unless there is something pressing to be done (although there invariably is). Some years ago, an esteemed senior colleague advised that we all need a 'play day' in our line of work, a day off to enjoy time to ourselves. My Saturdays are usually thus. A day to read the newspapers or, as I do every second Saturday, rehearse with my clarinet choir. Today was the end-of-year 'public' rehearsal and feast. We have a couple more gigs to round out the year (carols) but then it's rest the clari until next year.

My fave spot, reading and listening to the radio. 6.12pm
I don't sleep in on Saturdays. I get up at the usual time and usually do the same sort of Monday to Friday things. By the  time the afternoon arrives, I'm generally in a mood to sleep, or read. Today's feature is the 6.12pm photo in one of my favourite spots in the the lounge room where I line up all my 'must-read' books with the radio or music going on in the background. Saturday is usually ABC Classic FM, after RN Saturday mornings. I get myself around the network.

News-wise today, I've kept an eye on developments in the Japanese election naturally. Yesterday's earthquake has disrupted campaigning briefly, and those still living in temporary housing were unnerved further. I hope to get along to observe some of the protests.

Locally, the dominant news story is the fallout from the commercial FM station 'prank' call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was a patient. We awoke to the sad news of the death of the nurse who took the call. Discussion all day has focussed on the call, the callers, the ethics vs the law. I guess we need to think through the consequences of our actions, no excuses.
6.12am: watering the bonsai,
a present from mum 12 months ago.
Miraculous that it has survived this long. 

Brisbane has had another warmish, muggy day at times today; the lorikeets remain fit and noisy, the possums are emerging from their tree box; cicadas and crickets are buzzing away with that sunset sound and the jasmine wafts through the house. I'm off to a play this evening, one written and performed by some Brisbane residents, originally from Africa. After reading, participating in the performing arts is how I like to spend my time on my Saturdays, my 'play day'.

Addendum to yesterday: I qualified as a workplace health and safety representative. I have a commitment to ensuring a healthy and safe workplace, including a workplace free of bullying and harassment.

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