Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day 7: A double symmetry (of sorts)

Day 7: 12/12/12, the sort of day that people like me who like these number patterns (I watch the car odometer too, not that you need to know that) like to watch unfold. I was up working at the am version of 12mins and 12secs past 12 midnight this morning, 12/12/12. I was aware of it leading up to the moment, appropriate tweet poised, then got carried away with what I was doing, and noticed again, 12 mins after the least I got in a tweet about missing 12/12/12 12.12.12 by 12 mins...

Oz analysis of the latest Newspoll 6.12am
So its not surprising that today's 6.12am/pm snaps share a symmetry of their own. At 6.12am, I was reading yesterday's paper over breakfast. That's not surprising. It's usually the time I get to catch up. Why do I read yesterday's papers today...habit. That is all. When the opinion polls are printed, dissected, commented upon, I usually take some notice, ponder and consider my own analysis. Occasionally I'm asked to comment on the radio, it helps to be prepared. So that's what I was reviewing this morning, over my trusty cup of Cafe Parliament. 

Higher ed, yep. 6.12pm
Sometimes, however, I get to read today's paper today, and so it was at 6.12pm. Wednesday is a key news day for academics. The national broadsheet carries a few extra pages about goings on in the sector, news and views, jobs, events, brickbats and bouquets. The higher ed sector is multi-layered; when it is good, it is very, very good and when it is bad...well, you know the rest. Some days it is harder to remain optimistic about its future directions. Most days I'm pleased to be in the 'twilight' end of the career path. Today's front page features tended to remind us of the place of women academics (diminishing on the research front in the larger 'sandstone' places); ways in which universities play the numbers game to gain research 'cred', and boast about it; and colleagues at a nearby regional university look set to sign their enterprise bargaining agreement. Good luck to them, ours took three years last time (and I know I have that ahead of me). No wonder tweeps announce 'wine time' on twitter...

In other news, North Korea fired off its satellite/ballistic missile object, triggering the usual alarm and condemnation. I'll reserve judgement, I have a chapter on that coming out in a book soon (ah, yes, my diminishing value as a female academic/researcher).  On the Australian politics front, more on the Slipper/Ashby case, with the case being thrown out of court today. Oh the tawdriness sometimes of our polity...despair might be a natural reaction, but I try to cultivate positive engagement and response... we do get the politics we deserve but we can do something about it. A mostly fine and sunny day today weatherwise with a pleasant breeze to keep us honest. 

So, for the 6.12 at either end of the 12/12/12 day, I found myself in a double symmetry of sorts. I kind of anticipated I might learn I'm a creature of habit through this exercise, I didn't quite expect to confirm it by day 7. Cheers.

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