Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 206: Die Fledermaus on the mountain

Day 206 (30 Jun) Sunday. It's a rather wet and cold start. Unseasonable weather in Brisbane at this time of year, we are more used to sunshiny days and clear nights. And although my day job means driving up and down the coast, today I plan to head up there again in support of some good community music friends. 

Too much reading to do, at 6.12am
I also have plans to get into the office on the way to try and deal with some paperwork in the hope that the software glitch has been fixed. So, I'm up early on for a Sunday to get ready to go. At 6.12am I see all the books I'm supposed to be reading...the pile is growing and I'm not really keeping up. I think I should move some to another room so they don't look quite so overwhelming...

The plan to get to the office is thwarted by an accident on the Bruce Highway which has held up traffic quite a lot. Wet weather conditions. The show starts at 2.00 and I'm meeting up with friends at 1.30 at the venue so I need to make a decision on the road about going to the office and then to Maleny...timing...won't make it to the office for any meaningful amount of time to I divert to Maleny. Shame about the weather, you can get some lovely pics from the top of the mountain. 

After party, at 6.12pm
The show today, Die Fledermaus, is presented by The Maleny Singers, a group we at St Lucia Orchestra have some close ties with. The Singers are conducted by Margaret Taylor, wife of one of our late and great conductors Derek Taylor. The Singers are accompanied by the Maleny Performing Arts Orchestra, a 'scratch' band that comes together each year to play the music for the shows. Chas was behind that orchestra and this will be the first time he won't be there to play. I'm here with Jenny, Emma and's one of those happy/sad days.  

The concert is a success. I have written elsewhere about the value of community and community music. The Singers put on a great show; I know many in the orchestra as well. Community music is like that. There is a bit of an after party, today's show being the last. That where I was at 6.12pm, just before I headed out into the cold and wet night. 

Later in the year, we'll be back with St Lucia to do a concert with the Singers, it is going to be a good one, I know. 

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