Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 212: Play : Cello : Eat : Ice-cream

Winter in Brisbane
Day 212 (6 Jul) Saturday. A play day, mostly. Start the day with a little catching up on the week's events plus a play to attend. I might just spend a little extra time at South Bank in the sun, it seems just the day for it. 

Reading, at 6.12am,
must be Saturday
I'm awake and reading at 6.12am, and stop to ponder the fact that I've managed more than 200 photos of my activities at 6.12am (give or take a timezone). Quite, well, silly really. I didn't really imagine I'd get this far but there you go, I shall persist. It seems I do pretty much the same thing at 6.12am each Saturday and Sunday, reading and listening to the radio. At least the 6.12am Tokyo shots coming up will be a stark contrast to the ones back in December/January. 

I've also spent the last couple of visits into town looking for a particular CD by a cellist who toured here recently. I didn't get to see her perform, but heard her on the radio. Alisa Weilerstein is her name and she has made a recording of the Elgar Cello Concerto. Those who know their cello music will know that the Elgar crown has been worn by the late Jacqueline du Pre for many, many years, hers is the standard. According to some, Weilerstein is there. 

#612bluesky at QPAC
One thing I've learnt recently, is that following the closure of some larger music stores in Brisbane, there aren't many places that stock a decent range of classical music recordings. I've thought of one last possibility today and failing that, I shall simply have to get it in Tokyo. ... I find it! Yay. 

With a bit of extra time on my hands, I do as I usually do before a play and sit and watch the world pass by at South Bank, eating my usual ice cream...this is Brisbane, this is winter...and there is another #612bluesky pic just waiting to be taken. Plenty of pics later on too on my twitter timeline. It's been a lovely day. 

Elgar, at 6.12pm
The play, Venus in Fur, is, to say the least, most entertaining. Challenging in places, and a sharp mix of 1870 and current times. Home again thereafter (if the bus driver doesn't kill us all first) and I was listening to the CDs I bought today. The recording is as sublime as I've been led to believe. Marvellous. I think if I were starting out in a musical career, I would choose cello over all other instruments, it is my favourite in the string family, sort of equal with the string bass, which I also like, for its jazz...I content myself with knowing that those of us who play the bass clarinet consider it to be the cello of the woodwinds. I've also bought, out of curiosity, a 'remixed' version of Vivaldi, I'm curious. Can you 'freshen up' the Four Seasons? Well, yes, it seems. 

Another night of writing and thinking ahead, for tomorrow I mow the lawn and tame the garden...

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