Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day 221: Public exhibition.

Roppongi Hills (Midtown) Streetscape 1

 Day 221 (15 Jul) Monday. The plan is to spend at least a couple of days in the library while I'm here. Problem is I've been caught out with a new public holiday, 'Umi no hi', or day of the sea; that's today. Then on Wednesday, the library has its regular third Wednesday of the month holiday. Sometimes my timing is a little off. 

Another view of the garden,
at 6.12am 
So it's a bit of a day to get around and do some further observations. Jinko also has a plan to head over to Roppongi Hills, a complex of apartments and shopping. She and her photography friends we travelled with yesterday have had their photos exhibited at a large public exhibition of 30,000 photos from around Japan. How are we to find three out of 30,000? No problems...the photos are exhibited in prefectural and alphabetical order. Still, it is much fun seeking out the photos. 

Supermarket, at 6.12pm
It's been many years since I visited this part of Tokyo, in fact, not since this complex was completed. The buildings make for an interesting photographic exercise in itself, which we spend some time doing. There is also a trade fair of goods from the Fukushima area. There is still some real concerns about radiation and the impact this is having on food and tourism and the economy. This is a pretty upbeat exhibit, trying to encourage people to not be afraid. Although 3.11, the earthquake/tsunami/power plant disaster is over two years ago, it is a part of the every day. 

One the way home, we stop by the supermarket, which is where I happen to be come 6.12pm...dessert or not to dessert, that is the question. Actually, I'm looking for yoghurt...the supermarket has changed everything around since I was last here.

Home to watch more politics, but to also plan the day in the library. I have much to do. 

Just a few hints of the photographic charm of Roppongi Hills and surrounds.

Roppongi Hills (Midtown) streetscape 2

Pausing for coffee, Roppongi Hills
Fukushima/Tohoku display

Roppongi Hills (Midtown) building

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