Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 216: two-one-six 216 on 612 six-one-two (see what I did there...)

Day 216 (10 Jul) Wednesday. A day of running around. Haircut, money, gifts for friends. Planning the things I need to take with me tomorrow. Passport, phone and camera and really...the rest can happen over there as needed. 

Dark, at 6.12am
It is dark at 6.12am at the moment. Not helped by the fact we are moving into another period of rain, most unlike Brisbane winters, or so we are all thinking. It's bin morning and I've got to get the bins out before the truck comes along. It certainly makes for one of those interesting 'noir' pics (or so we amateurs call it when we don't get it quite right). 

The temperatures in Tokyo at the moment are quite high, along with high humidity. It is always a bit of an inconvenience travelling across such dramatic seasonal differences. I've been meaning to get my haircut for a while and the impending hot weather reminds me to do so. There's a bit of shopping to do as well so I head off around 10am to do so. Picked up a bargain while shopping, a computer error on the part of the shop apparently, advantage me. 

Still a few things to do tomorrow morning in the city before I leave but just about ready. It is sort of bad that travelling to Tokyo has become a bit like catching a bus to work...nothing of the sense of adventure it might have once been. There was a time very early on that it seemed almost impossible to get there, now I go annually. I'm rather fortunate in that respect. 

Home mid-afternoon and the Sea Eagles have sent a nice little memento: 'We Bleed Maroon'...perfect timing for the third and final state of origin coming up next week, when I'll be will be interesting to see if I can find an ex-pat gathering to watch (not that I usually do that sort of thing, but then, I'm not usually in Tokyo for the third SoO). 

This evening, working away on a few notes and drafts for some research and writing I'll be doing next week. Besides the election, there is some interest in how the whaling issue is being reported in the Japanese press. Australia and Japan are presently in court in The Hague. I'm keen to see how that plays out. 

In the kitchen, at 6.12pm
At 6.12pm, I'm in the kitchen (unusually), cooking up something to eat. Something out of the little that is left in the fridge...

I didn't quite get everything I hoped to get at the shops today, I hope I can pick them up in the morning. In the meantime, The Ashes begin...a big one for cricket lovers everywhere. 

And look at today: day 216 on the 612 for the number crunchers. 

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