Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 207:

Day 207 (1 Jul) Monday.  Still wet, still cold...relatively, it's colder than we are used to around here. I have to head up to work since software glitches didn't miraculously fix themselves yesterday. 

Breakfast &c., at 6.12am
I've been up for a little while at 6.12am, doing a bit of work and catching up on some reading about some political matters of late. Today we get to see the new ministry of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. There will be a swearing in ceremony...there will be, no doubt, much swearing in the polity--good and bad. And being the first day of the new financial year, all sorts of things come into being...most newsworthy today is the increase in power bills (over 20% in Queensland) and news that, via a 'legislative' glitch, Queensland politicians receive a payrise of, on average, $57, job is tricky sometimes. Oh, Clem7 tunnel charges are up, again. 

We have a final moderation meeting today should the software now work. I hope so, this has gone on too long. While at the meeting, I've had a call from 612ABC to speak to David Curnow, who is playing the role of Kelly Higgins-Devine, about the swearing in of ministers. First time I've been on the Afternoons program, this should be fun...I'll try to not be too serious, but let's face it, even I have trouble taking the objects of my research seriously sometimes. I'd best watch the swearing in ceremony I guess, lucky for us it can be streamed live online. 

A touch of noir, at 6.12pm
It is, however, as I suggest on air later, actually quite important to underscore the gravity and responsibility of the ministerial role, particularly after the last few weeks of politics. We really need to reset the axis. I enjoyed speaking with David. 

As I mentioned to a colleague later, the media fairy picks her moments...I can go for quite a few days with no commitments and then there seems to be a flurry. By the end of the day I've also been commissioned for another piece for a website...more on that later. 

I aim to leave a bit earlier than usual today, I have rehearsal and I need to drop off a commuting colleague at her car in time. That's where I was at 6.12pm, in the car park of the shopping centre on the northside where we meet to car pool. At rehearsal, well, it was one of those rehearsal nights where I didn't really have much to play. I jut sat up the back, listened and kept an eye on the football score. Manly lost, just. More swearing. 

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