Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 211: Planning

Day 211 (5 July) Friday. A planning day ahead over the other side of town, but not until...infusion part 2. 

It's been a few days since the sky showed its lovely dawn tinge. At 6.12am it was nice to see it again. I also have a bit of time to catch up on some work, and have another look at the 'FactCheck' piece, I think it is about done. 

Good morning, at 6.12am
I also have to drink plenty of fluid, of the non-coffee variety. I'm rather bad at remembering that. Another couple of hours spent hooked up to an iv bag today pumped full of stuff to keep this condition at bay. At least the conversation with the nurse is interesting enough to pass the time. Turns out there is a Queensland Symphony Orchestra 'connection' and some interesting material on China. At some point the machine stops its interminable beeping and a couple of hours later I'm off to do some planning for the branch at the Union head office. More bus trips, but a change from the car. 

We need to plan bargaining times and strategies, member get-togethers, meetings, notifications and newsletters. I admire those with me who have been in the game much longer than I have. While I'm not yet tired of the bargaining process itself, I do wonder at the seeming intransigence of the 'other' side. My colleagues though, know the plan, what to do, when to do it. It is such a learning curve. 

Completely experimental,
at 6.12pm
Once done, it is back to the city to get home. I should be doing a few things by way of preparation for the trip next week...but...I'm better to rush in and around next week, last minute kind-of-thing. It is the second time in six months I'm travelling to Japan 'out of season' so finding suitable summer attire in town at the moment is a bit tricky (not that the weather is strictly winter here). 

On the bus at 6.12pm and quite a full one at that. Tonight's pic is going to be a challenge, creative and my solution is there at the right ---->>>.

Week's end
(with carefully placed apostrophe)
There is some more work to do on the FactCheck after all...gee, this is an interesting process. I'll turn my attention to it, right after some light, week-ending refreshment. 

There is much that needs to be said about our politics at present, the next blog can't be too far away. I've also changed the date for my next play and I'll be seeing it tomorrow...I'm looking forward to it...I planned things well enough to sort out that date. 

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