Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 215: Solving the world's problems, one pizza at a time

Day 215 (9 Jul) Tuesday. Today will be my last day on campus for a couple of weeks. There is a bit of tidying up to do. 

So it is up and at it at the usual time. The earlier I get there, the earlier I can leave...that's always the plan anyway, if not the reality. So, breakfast at 6.12am along with yesterday's paper and listening to the radio of course. 

Too much cheese? at 6.12am
At work, there are some meetings to attend to and conversations with colleagues which, as I've mentioned recently, we don't get a lot of time to discuss these days. There are several things we get to chat about but the convo ended up heading towards how to keep the common tearoom clean. Mundane perhaps, but I've rarely been in a workplace where we get the tearoom 'right'; bit like the share-house of old...and the fridge... We've come up with a might work. 

We've also discussed a few more ideas over lunch. Interesting how chief amongst our discussion over the day is how to bring collegiality back into the university workplace. I've discussed this a bit over at the other blog. It might be the time of the year...but there's a 'flashmob' this space. 

Squeezed in an interview today too with the local TV station. Asked about the high percentage of 18-19 year olds who don't enrol to vote (about 43%) we ranged through a number of reasons why that might be so. In the end, I suggested that, in the same way we are talking about raising the drinking age back up to 21 years, perhaps we can do the same with the voting age. It may well be that if voting is not of interest to this age group, then let's leave it for a few years when it might become more interesting, or more relevant. Is it a solution? Well, let's talk about it, in our tearoom...where we solve all the world's problems. 

On #theBruce, at 6.12pm
Also heard, what sounded like, my #FactCheck being used on the radio this morning as part of an interview by Steve Austin to acting Premier Jeff Seeney. Nice. 

Managed to be heading homeward a bit earlier than usual and indeed on #theBruce (as we've come to know it) at 6.12pm this evening. Given my impending absence, the Friday night beer and pizza night has been brought forward to Tuesday night. We continue to talk about solving the world's and the tertiary sector's pizza at a time. 

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