Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day 217: A night in transit

Day 217 (11 Jul) Thursday. The day will be spent at airports, the evening on a plane to Tokyo. 

Last 6.12am Brisbane dawn
for a few days.
I always look forward to Tokyo, even if it is stifling summer days and nights. I like to catch up on the goings on, the politics, the language and the general social milieu. It has been quite a while since JAL stopped flying into Brisbane and it didn't take Qantas long to drop its direct flight either. That means going via Sydney and adding another five or six hours to what should be a direct eight hour flight. Timing between domestic landing and international take off means little else to do but hang around the airport for a few hours. 

I spent quite a bit of the time planning my modus operandi over the next week or so. Basically,  I want to get around to see as many political rallies as possible, soak up the 'election' atmosphere, try and get a sense of how the electorate is feeling about the potential for major constitutional change. Naturally I plan to spend a couple of days in the National Library as well, updating my resources. 

People watching and reading,
at 6.12pm, Sydney.
But airports can be good places for people-watching which is what observers like me like to do and there was plenty of time for that, especially at the bar I found myself sitting at at 6.12pm (drinking only coffee). 

Boarding was quite quick and there was a spare seat between me and the next passenger, so that's not all bad. 

Take off as scheduled, landing planned at 6.15am...what pic in store for tomorrow? See you on the other side. 

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