Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 236: Crumpets and honey

Lecture prep, at 6.12pm
Day 236 (30 Jul) Tuesday. At it early again, I have a meeting at 10am, Academic Board. That means refining my comments and queries and preparing for possible discussion points.  I'm usually on a hiding to nothing at these meetings, there are too many non-academics and one sometimes senses academic board is not about the academics but about efficient running of the administrative processes. 

Oh well, not for very much longer...

Working breakfast, at 6.12am
In the middle of the day, I have another meeting with some colleagues to arrange activities for Bluestocking Week celebrations coming up in mid-August. We have some plans...

More teaching, more meetings and preparation for lectures tomorrow. It's another late departure and a coffee and (something) at Caboolture. These are long days, ongoing, 'creature of habit' is becoming the motif...

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