Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 248: To work and back to the Ekka, part 2.

The Ekka! But after 'work'
Day 248 (11 August) Sunday. Open Day at work, an obligatory day for another go at the Ekka. 

Early start, dishes done,
at 6.12am
It is Open Day 'season' at the moment, as universities all over the southeast put on their 'shows' to attract students. These days it is often about convincing parents more than the students. It is such a contrast with the first open day in which I participated, back in 1981 at Griffith University. We actually constructed a replica Japanese garden as well as all sorts of other Asia-related stands. The emphasis then was on the wonder of coming to uni to study and learn. These days it is largely about 'what job will I get?', 'what sort of career...?'; it changes the nature of learning. 

On display, at work.
Quite a lot of questions and conversations later, it is back down the highway with a detour to the Ekka again. Sheepdog trials and the woodchop under lights in the main ring for the first time. Quite exciting. More dagwood dogs, another sundae, corn on the cob, and lots of taste testing and sampling in the food pavilion...lots of 'samples' brought home. A touch of fun, a touch of silliness, but why's the Ekka after all. 

Sheepdog trials, under lights,
at 6.12pm

This year's must have

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