Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 256: Back to work, no rest for amateur musicians

Day 256 (19 Aug) Monday. It is back to work despite the concert. My professional musician friends generally get the day off after a concert until they have to turn around and start rehearsal for the next concert ... their schedule is a little more intense, just in a different way. 

Washing up, at  6.12am
Leaving work, approx 6.00pm
Another early start with meetings and car pooling today. Washing up at 6.12 am...the height of the mundane. No rehearsal tonight though means a little extra time at work to get things done I might not have otherwise done. 

One class today and then I must make arrangements for the trip tomorrow to Fraser Island for University Council... that means a day away from campus so relief teaching needs to be organised and things I would normally prepare for Wednesday will need to be reviewed. 

Down the highway, again,
at 6.12pm
I'll need to review the Council papers again before I leave since connectivity may not be available on the island so I'll need to check I have all the info ready...

Things are getting interesting politically. Day 15 of the campaign and Kevin Rudd's gamble seems to be in a bit of a tight spot...opinion polls are looking grim. Primary support is down, but I have my doubts about opinion polls and their use in campaigns. They are somewhat overemphasised. 

By about 6.00pm we are about to head home and the setting sky is looking rather remarkable with its colour and bright stars. Twelve minutes later, we're on the highway again, with the pic taken by my passenger, I insist. 

Tomorrow begins anew...

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