Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 250: There is still much to do...

Sun rising, at 6.12am
Day 250 (13 Aug) Tuesday.  I'll be giving a colleague a lift to work over the next couple of weeks so we start a bit earlier than usual, mainly to aim to leave campus a bit earlier too. 

Much of today is taken up with meetings, including finalising the activities for bluestocking day tomorrow, a bit of fun and frolicking around the campus. 

The sky at 6.12 each morning remains a picture with that photographically fascinating colour behind the 'ink stains' of the trees and leaves. 

The office, at 6.12pm
The day disappears quite quickly, with the usual classes and student consults. The days get like this as we get into the semester...there is a certain sameness and order on the surface, while below there is the frantic paddling of the duck's webbed feet. 

I was still in the office at 6.12pm, though I wasn't at my desk, just at my table, for a change. There is still much to do, and yet, as always, it seems there is never the time to do it. 

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