Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 257: Fraser is work, really

Without words...on the way to Fraser.

Day 257 (20 Aug) Tuesday. 

A very early start...the plane leaves the Sunshine Coast Airport at about 8am, we are to assemble a bit earlier. That means a drive to Maroochydore via the university to make it in time requires a 5.30am departure. 

The tunnel, at 6.12am
Unusually therefore, at 6.12am, we are about to enter the tunnel (again, pic by my passenger) but it is a lovely morning for small planes (did I mention that part...?).

Car park sight
Arrive at the campus in time to continue the journey on to the airport; manage to get to the airport in time, only to discover we are too early for coffee...all members of the Council arrive in time and off we go. Nice pics (see the plus alpha post following) including meeting some of the brave wildlife, one of the famous dingoes. 

It wasn't my first visit to Fraser and of course as an island and environment it is a significant part of our cultural and literary heritage. Among other things, I am reminded of one of Patrick White's novels, A Fringe of Leaves. The meeting is an important one, the Council is effectively the University's board of directors, but there is some time to make a tour of the facilities and check out some of the Island's history (the sand mining legacy remains apparent). 

At lights, at 6.12pm
Back in reasonable time to go back to the office, catch up on some matters including the outcome of a particular court case pertinent to the university and its culture. There will be some more work there for me to follow up tomorrow. 

While waiting by the car, I notice some of the flora in the car park...the sun hits it in a particular way and the colour and contrast are quite stunning. It seems a fitting end to the day. 

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