Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 252: Campaign day 11 but it's the little things we notice

Another #612bluesky moment
Day 252 (15 Aug) Thursday. There is just as much going on outside work as there is going on inside. Busy people can organise themselves well for any contingencies but it does just seem at the moment that I could expand my days by another 24 hours and still not accomplish all that should be done. 

Breakfast, at 6.12am
I am beginning to have serious thoughts about changes next year, brought on by the teaching-free semester and long service leave. It could mean quite a change...

We are of course, also well and truly into the election campaign.  Watching it unfold is particularly interesting for me, especially as I contemplate my writing schedule for next year. There is so much I hope to write about and the public attitudes about elections, campaigning and politicians, here and in Japan is one of them. 
End of the lecture, at 6.12pm

It doesn't stop me thinking about the small things though and today was a prime day for that with another bluesky moment and the changing colours of the leaves of the jasmine plant out the front...just spectacular colouring. 

International Security, Thursday's course, finishes relatively on time, at least in time enough for me to be heading across what equates to our 'quadrangle', back to the office, tidy up a few ends and be on my way again, more enthralled than most about the unfolding election campaign. 

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